Inform. Reach. Repeat.


The Republican party can often be seen as out of reach for many people looking to get involved. After going to a rally for President Bush when I was in 5th grade, it was difficult for Benjamin to find a way to get involved to actively help our party.  It’s time that we make sure that we show current Republicans how easy it is to get involved.


Once we recruit new precinct delegates it is important that we keep up those relationships.  They are an important part of the party and it is imperative that they succeed in their roles.  We need more vice chairs to be actively involved.  Some people have told me that party leadership seems a little too out of reach.  We need to make sure that the chairs are approachable and working with everyone.


There is no denying that we won huge in November.  We need to make sure that we keep up this momentum as we near 2018. Michigan has a chance to continue our strong Republican majorities, with the potential of flipping a Senate seat.  We need to protect our comeback and repeat wins up and down the ballot in Michigan.


The Michigan Republican Party bylaws define the Outreach Vice Chair as a position that uniquely supervises the delivery of the Republican message. These duties should not be taken lightly. Benjamin knows that only through hard work and devoting solid time towards these ends will make the Republican Party strong.

What are we going to do next?

Through my career choice, I have a unique perspective on the way our party can be run more efficiently. Branching out to current Republicans is the centerpiece of my plan. These are the people that will help make our Michigan Republican Party Great Again. They need to be encouraged by our need for their talent, not by the mere vote they may have.

Benjamin's Fix

Benjamin is committed to making sure the duties of the Outreach Vice Chair do not go un-noticed. Crafting and overseeing the Republican message, as defined in the bylaws, is a very cucial part of our Republican Party. Benjamin will be working with Chairman Weiser, other Vice Chairs, District, and County chairs in order to make sure our message is clear.

Drop a message if you have any questions!

Officials in the Michigan Republican Party should always be responsive to the the Precinct Delegates!