April 13, 2016

Benjamin J. Soltis

Jackson County Resident to Run for Commissioner

VANDERCOOK LAKE, MI— Jackson County is becoming the brunt of more than a couple jokes these days. From townships suing other townships and the county over sewage, cutting funding to county law enforcement or local roads crumbling from lack up upkeep.  This is why lifelong resident of Jackson County, Benjamin Soltis, is stepping up to run for District 3 County Commissioner.

Benjamin has the experience and leadership needed to put Jackson back on track.  Fresh off his last term as a Student Senator at Grand Valley State University, he has constantly stood up for his fellow students and would do the same for the people of Jackson.  Making sure citizens are safe is his top priority. While at GVSU he fought to un-ban pepper spray for the safety of students.  Benjamin would continue this in Jackson County by increasing the county law enforcement budget.

“I was raised in Jackson County and want to give back in a way that puts our government on watch for the citizens, instead of the citizens on watch for the government. Lately, it’s been commonplace to continue the status quo of cutting down our law enforcement.  It is time that Jackson County had a leader that put the citizens and their safety first.  Another major priority is our roads.  Investing in our infrastructure is important for building for our future.  As a Student Senator at Grand Valley, I had the opportunity to appropriate a $1.2 million budget. This experience would help me in appropriating Jackson County’s $45 million budget when elected.”

Additionally, Benjamin is an Eagle Scout, a member of the Brooklyn Sportsman Club, and a member of the Knights of Columbus.

An official announcement will be held at the Bone Island Grill @ 4614 Francis St, Jackson, MI 49203 at 5:30pm on Thursday 4/14. Press is welcome to attend.